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DPBA (BLP) Boater Liaison Program ~ Combined Submissions received to date from TMDP Rate Increase Notification (UPDATED - 06-04-24)! - Please Note, these submissions do NOT include ALL the emails sent directly to your DPBA (NEW)!



DPBA’s Boater Liaison Program offers boaters and other members of our Dana Point Harbor community a forum to ask questions, express their views, share ideas and make suggestions to the various agencies that manage our harbor and oversee its operations. Your Boaters Association leadership collects information submitted via our boater liaison submission form, then routinely presents your questions, ideas, concerns and suggestions to the appropriate harbor agency for their consideration and response. Our routine “boater liaison meetings” will include DPBA leadership, Dana Point Harbor Partners (DPHP), Orange County Parks (OC Parks), the marina operators (Dana Point Marina Co., TBW, Vintage/Embarcadero) and Dana Point Harbor Patrol (OC Sheriff’s Dept.), and may include additional stakeholders as appropriate based on the issues submitted to our website. We will press these agencies to provide specific and meaningful responses to the issues presented at our boater liaison meetings; these responses will be communicated by DPBA directly back to the users who submit the issues. In some cases, where a specific issue is raised by multiple boaters, or when the issue has value and relevance to the broader Dana Point boating community, we will post the issues and responses to our website and in our “boater blast” newsletters.

How does it work? Using our Boater Liaison Program Form, provide us with your contact information, which agency you want us to raise your issue with, then describe your issue. You may choose to “remain anonymous,” in which case we will not include your identifying information when presenting boater issues to the harbor agencies; DPBA will contact you directly with their response. Allowing us to include your contact information will permit the appropriate agency to work directly with you to respond to your issue; please know that DPBA will never disclose your identifying information beyond these private advocacy meetings. DPBA leadership will collect, organize and review the submissions, then present them in our report to the harbor agencies for their response. DPBA will then contact each submitter directly with the response, or in some cases present the issues and responses in our boater blasts and website.

What can I ask? Anything you want, so long as it pertains to Dana Point Harbor. You can report issues specific to your slip, for example. Ask questions about the Harbor Revitalization Project. Make suggestions to the marina operators or harbor patrol. We only ask that all submissions remain courteous and respectful; this program is about improving communications among Harbor stakeholders – it’s not a forum to inflame or attack. Inappropriate submissions will be disregarded.

Of course we can’t guarantee a satisfactory resolution to every issue. But your Dana Point Boaters Association is committed to advocating for our boating community and will work diligently with the harbor agencies to get you thoughtful and meaningful responses to your issues. Orange County Dana Point Harbor and the marina operators have expressed their cooperation and commitment to making this a successful program.

Click Here to SUBMIT your Boater Liaison Program Submission

If you should have any questions and/or comments about the new Boaters Liaison Program please do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors by email at Boater Liaison Program.

Our Thanks,
Your DPBA Board of Directors